Autism Programs

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Autism Family Respite Programs

This is a wonderful opportunity for families with children on the autism spectrum to enjoy a supported family trip together. The program provides time for families to participate in activities (such as canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing) together, as well as respite time where diagnosed children spend time with a one-on-one respite worker, siblings spend time together in a recreational program, and parents are able to network and participate in activities together - or spend some time alone.


There is no fee for the Autism Family Respite Weekends at the Kinark Outdoor Center. The experience is funded through the Autism Spectrum Disorder Respite Services Fund of Ontario's MCYS. Funding is also available to those on the waitlist for services with CEAP (Central East Autism Program).

Registration and Application

Spots for these weekends are allocated via a lottery system. The application is filled out by the family (accessed on our website) during the winter and a draw occurs each spring.

Please email if you would like to be notified about 2018 funding opportunities for our Autism Family Respite program.

If you have any questions about the about this program, please contact our office.