General Registration and Visitor Information

Please note that there is a different registration form for each program offered here at the Kinark Outdoor Centre that visitors are required to complete and submit for the 2018 season! 

Please see the sub-pages for each autism program and other outdoor recreation possibilities that you may wish to register for, to find the 2018 registration form.
Please check back for the opening of registration for different programs offered at the Kinark Outdoor Centre soon. For inquiries, questions, comments or concerns, please contact our office at 705-286-3555 or find the email address for a member of our team under the About Us tab in our menu.

Register for Summer Camp - Independently Funded Registration now open!
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Family Camp - Registration now open!
Register for Home Learners Family Camp - Registration now open!
Submit an Inquiry Form -
School Group Inquiries
Submit an Inquiry Form - Large Group Bookings Inquiries 
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Family Respite - MCYS Registration Closed for 2018 Season


Additional Funding sources

 Special Services at Home

Ontario Camps Association   has a list of potential additional funding sources available on their website, follow the above link to look at their list of funding sources, under the subsidies section.