'No Child Left Inside' Program Initiative

Go outside, play - REPEAT!

The 'No Child Left Inside' program is in its second year of funding from an Ontario Trillium grant it was awared in 2012. Through the initiative we have brought 1000s of children outside to play and explore their immediate outdoor environment through structured group play. At the same time we hope that we have planted the seeds to choose outdoor free play as a part of their daily life through this early stage of their development. What we know is that these choices need to be facilitated by the adults in their life, primarily teachers and parents.

Lots of teachers spend tireless amounts of time planning and encouraging trips to outdoor centers; parents are increasingly choosing our national and provincial parks as holiday destinations... and certainly winter gives lots of opportunity for teachers and parents to build snowmen, go toboganning, or strap on a pair of snowshoes.

Municipalities, not-for-profits, and many charitable organizations are taking up this drive to push the balance of going outside to play with any form of indoor screen time.

We offer at school programs and residential camp programs to bring all children, their families, and classrooms outdoors. If you've been to the Kinark Outdoor Center or participated in No Child Left Inside, or any other great initiative to play in the outdoors, please check out our resource section below. REPEAT is often the missing ingredient, which is why we know parents and teachers and community leaders must be engaged in the push to keep the value of outdoor play and exploration fresh in our children's learning environment.