Kinark Outdoor Centre

The Kinark Outdoor Centre (KOC) is a program area of Kinark Child and Family Services. Pour en savoir plus sur les services offerts en français, appelez notre numéro gratuit au 1-888-663-0670

The KOC provides an opportunity for families with a special needs diagnosis the opportunity to try new activities in a supported camp environment together. Parents are provided a break from the daily routines of being at home and cooking, and oftentimes have the chance to participate in some programming without their children. Respite programs just for kids are also provided throughout the year.

The camp operates year-round with a core mandate to deliver a menu of enhanced respite programs for children with autism and their families.  

The KOC has a rich history in residential camping, outdoor education, recreational programming, and community building. From skill development, family enrichment, social recreation, respite, and adventure-based experiences, the KOC offers high-quality programming and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a safe, well-supported, and natural environment.  We look forward to hosting you! 

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Parent Training and Respite Program

In 2016, we along with Point in Time and Tri-County Community Support Services were granted funds by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  We are entering the final year of the grant life and in 2018/2019 will host 50 families in a program designed to couple respite with parent training program for families with a child identified with special needs. Email the program supervisor for more information.


If you are a teacher you can connect directly with our Program Manager  about our outdoor ed programs and how we can work with you to customize your school trip experience. More information about our facility and programs are easy to locate above on our main web page headers.


There is more information on our autism based programs here. If you are looking for more information about our autism program offerings you can connect directly with our Autism Program Supervisor.

Ontario Trillium Foundation - Recognition Event

Telling the Story of the impact that respite has had on parent training.

In 2015 and 2016 A collaborative formed in which to explore the idea that providing respite to families who were receiving clinical services would improve outcomes. In 2016 the group of agencies were funded just over $500,000 to deliver and study such a program. 

The grant cycle is entering it's last year and to celebrate two years of activity and to encourage a fantastic final year, we are organizing an Open House at the Kinark Outdoor Center to recognize the Ontario Trillium Foundation as the sole grantor to this initiative, to share some preliminary results, and to hear from families who have participated in this program about the value it has had on them. 

OPEN HOUSE: Fri Nov 9, 2018

The event is to recognize the Ontario Trillium Foundation, to celebrate the work of partnering agencies, and to hear from participating families.

More details to be posted here and distributed electronically in the coming weeks.