Indoor Spaces

Indoor Spaces are an important part of each group's visit. As a back-up for rainy day programs, or as a planned break on a cooler fall day, the use of these spaces is well coordinated and timed for each group's needs.

Eagle's Nest

The Eagle's Nest serves as Kinark Outdoor Center's primary recreation hall. Upstairs is the KOC's largest indoor space. It is bright with lots of windows, spacious, and newly carpeted in 2014. The space is used for rainy day programs, indoor group games, initiatives, portable low-ropes, and much more. It also is used frequently as a sensory room for Autism Groups. KOC's indoor climbing wall is built into the Eagle Nest also.

The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is primarily used during meal times. The space seats approximately 120 people in one seating in two separated areas. The smaller 'Second Dining Hall' easily acts as a back-up indoor space or planned meeting room.  The basement of the Dining Hall houses the conference room. The Conference Room is a more formal meeting space and classroom. It easily accommodates 15-20 students. This space was also recently re-carpeted in 2014. 

The Nova Center

The Nova Center houses the Arts and Craft centre, library, human-sized Snakes and Ladders board, and recreational field just steps from the building's adjacent shelter and picnic area. Be sure to check out our new library with a variety of books, and quiet sitting area -  or feel free to borrow a book for your cabin, making sure to return it before you head home.

Sustainable Living Center (SLC)

In the sustainable building, the goal is to create beautiful, functional and comfortable space using materials and methods that have the least possible effect on the environment during construction. The finished building should continue to operate in a manner that keeps its environmental impacts as low as possible, should serve its function for a long time, and should be able to be dismantled at the end of its life with many reusable components and little or no toxic waste.  This is a great learning environment for  for all programs, it has great natural light and has comfortable program spaces. 

Indoor Spaces, Classrooms, and Meeting Spaces