Green Technologies

As well as continuously supporting new growth on the KOC site, over the last 5-7 years the Kinark Outdoor Center has achieved grant dollars to invest in the sustainability of the site. These green technologies and improvements are visible all over the main part of the camp. Solar panels power the lights that provide lighting around the camp; solar water heaters are used in the kitchen; a small amount of energy is produced by wind at the office.

Likewise all of these green technologies, and several other green building technologies are visible at the location of our Sustainable Living Center. Built in 2006 the SLC is an important stop during your visit to the KOC. Read more about the SLC on our website.

The solor electric system at the Kinark Outdoor Center can be tracked at this link. Follow the other instructions below:

1. Proceed to step 6.
2. Click on the 'How it works' icon on the right hand side of the page.
3. Click on 'Live Sites' on the left hand side of the page
4. In the 'site' field, type 'Kinark Outdooor Centre' and press the find button
5. Click on the link for 'Kinark Outdoor Centre'.
6. The green bars indicate power production for the hours listed on axis along the bottom. The green bars indicate that the system is producing.