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Once you have completed the general information form above, please complete the transaction by clicking on the Kinark Foundation logo below and going to their secure online donation portal.

Camp Gift Giving: Giving the Gift of a Hopeful Experience

We often have parents and families asking how they can donate directly to the Kinark Outdoor Center. Donations that are made to the Kinark Foundation can be directed to the KOC in two simple steps. First, fill out the Donating to the Kinark Outdoor Center form at the top of this page. Second, once you are back on this page, click on the Kinark Foundation button which will bring you to their secure online donations portal.

As part of your donation you will get to choose how your donation gets applied at the camp. We've created 4 categories of gifts. These gifts represent aspects of any given experience at the Kinark Outdoor Center. Donations into any one of these categories will help us to enhance already excellent programs, provide more programming, and support more vulnerable and complex family needs.

Again, your gift purchases are tax deductible and charitable receipts will be issued.

Autism Programs - Donations into this stream will increase our capacity to serve more campers with ASD and their families. Donations might provide additional care for a camper if needed, transport for a family, or respite.

  1. Give the gift of a break
  2. Summer Camp Care
  3. Family Camp Care
  4. Help Transport a Family
  5. Extra care

Camp Traditions - At the KOC we are working toward maintaining and improving a traditional summer camp 'feel' to our facility.

  1. Awards and Plaques
  2. Camper t-shirts
  3. Camp signage
  4. Paddle crafts

 Program Improvement - Every summer families ask to see a few new things at the camp if they choose to come back. In 2017 visitors will see more DIY types of programs around site.  In the summer we are hopeful that we'll be able to add one or two of the following program improvements.

  1. SUP Paddleboard and paddles
  2. Waterfront equipment
  3. Sporting goods
  4. Community Garden

Camp Buildings - The KOC maintenance team works tirelessly to maintain an aging facility. Donations into this category will go directly to infrastructure improvement where visitors will experience the benefits the most.             

  1. Cabin upgrades
  2. Eagle’s Nest Improvements
  3. Turtle Shack for Teens
  4. Nova Center upgrades
  5. The boardwalk
Complete the general information form at the bottom of this page, and click on the logo below to complete your donation transaction. Thank you!