Kinark Outdoor Centre

The Kinark Outdoor Centre (KOC) is a program area of Kinark Child and Family Services. Pour en savoir plus sur les services offerts en français, appelez notre numéro gratuit au 1-888-663-0670

The KOC operates a year-round camping facility with a core mandate to deliver a menu of recreational and enhanced respite programs primarily for children with autism and their families.  We are able to support these programs through the delivery of outdoor recreation and community building programs for schools, faith-based, or therapeutic groups. While the Ministry of Community, Children, and Social Services funds participation in KOC programs, fees support the maintenance of specialized program areas, meals, and the camp infrastructure.

The KOC has a rich history in residential camping, outdoor education, recreational programming, and community building. From skill development, family enrichment, social recreation, respite, and adventure-based experiences, the KOC offers high-quality programming and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a safe, well-supported and natural environment.  We look forward to hosting you!

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